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Pornography is not allowed. Any image or animation which could be classified as pornography under any type of situation should not be uploaded. Doing so will result in a permanent suspension from PicSend.net's services and of course, the deletion of the file. To be clear, any type of image file depicting a sexual act or suggestive act is considered pornography.

Quality of Service:

Using any type of automated program, script, or file which may impact PicSend.net's quality of service is strictly forbidden. This includes (but is not limited to) image downloaders, image uploaders, or auto logins. PicSend.net will automatically attempt to block such access when detected. If persistent connections continue, your use of PicSend.net will be terminated. However, some exceptions can be made. If you have questions regarding this, please contact PicSend.net directly.


Uploading images which you are not the sole creator and owner of is against United States copyright laws. This will not be tolerated in any way. If you were the creator of an image file, would you want someone distributing it without your permission? (rhetorical)


Do not upload any file which violates Unitied States laws in any way. Doing so will result in immediate permanent suspension from PicSend.net's services and you will force us to contact federal authorities.


All images are © to their respected owners. PicSend.net directs full legal responsibility of files to their respective users. PicSend.net is not responsible for any uploaded content. PicSend.net's content or prorietary software may not be reproduced without the express written consent of PicSend.net.


By accessing this website you agree to use PicSend.net entirely at your own risk. PicSend.net's service is offered "as-is" without any type of guarantee or warranty. PicSend.net will not be held responsible for any type or form of wrong doing. PicSend.net has the right to suspend or ban any user from it's services for any reason at any time. Any appeals made can be denied for any reason.


Any type of behavior or use of PicSend.net's services reported to be involved in and/or linked to bullying/threatening behavior will result in a violation of this agreement.